Gas Shut Off Valves

Gas Shut Off Valves

The Johnson Electric product range of Gas Shut-Off valves is the industry's first integrated gas shut-off valve to combine mechanical valve, motor, sensors and control electronics for smart and pre-payment gas metering. Its innovative ball valve design enables a zero flow resistance supporting highest grid efficiency.

Smart Meter valves offer double position indication by an IP67 sealed limit switch and step count drive. The precision valve opening supports safe restart flow check of the gas meter. The valves are compact with industry leading performance and can be easily assembled by plug-in bayonet fitting.

Pre-payment Meter valves provide market leading system efficiency with lowest discharging current for up to 100% longer battery life time. The integrated IP67 sealed limit switch indicates fully open and fully closed position.

G1.6 / G2.5 Meter Valves technology sets a new standard in performance critical areas such as intrinsic safety, reliability and compact design. The linear valve is designed with an aerodynamic geometry to minimize flow resistance, resulting in extremely low pressure drop for improved gas grid efficiency.

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